Potholes in the Pavement

Potholes in the Pavement tells the stories of children like Logan who are thriving because of people willing to volunteer walking alongside them with humor and grace—surmounting impossible odds for the sake of all children.

Exerpt from Potholes in the Pavement:

It was a downright hot day. Logan looked at a pond full of want-to-be swimmers in the area designated as “the camp pool.”  He repeatedly assured everyone he was an excellent swimmer.  Yet there he stood, in spite of the heat, unwilling to take off his sweatshirt and slide into the cool water right in front of him.

He watched two leaders toss campers into the air, and as they fell into the water, the boys squealed with delight.  “Do it again!”  Another leader slipped alongside Logan and whispered,  “You want to join them?”  It was more than any youngster could resist.  He tore off his sweatshirt and said, “Let’s go!”  The lure of that kind of love and excitement erased the horror and shame of exposing the dozen or so round cigarette burn marks covering his back. He joined fellow campers with the familiar cry, “Do it again!”

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