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Finding Common Ground

     Our country is on an apparent self-destructive mission spiraling downwards into polarization and division.  Red states vs. blue states; Democrats vs. Republicans; gun owners vs. non-gun owners; liberals vs. conservatives.  Lines have been drawn in the sand, begging all of us to take our place on one side or the other.

     In spite of our differences, according to more than 400 people interviewed from 24 states across 4000 miles, there is more that binds us together than would tear us apart.  There are many already lining up to do something.  Finding Common Ground takes a deeper look into what people are doing right now, new ideas from across America to bring us together, and how you might join them in healing our nation for generations to come.  Their stories are as inspiring as they are practical.

     The perception of most Americans is that we are a divided nation.  Many feel that is the way it has always been, and there is probably not much anyone can do about it.  But according to more than 400 people interviewed across the United States, that is simply not the case.  Some are living their lives in a way that automatically bridge the gap.  Others have banded together for change.  Finding Common Ground tells their stories.  They are unique to geography, but at the same time are easy to duplicate with any local flavor.   

The Adventures of Jordan and Roberto

A four book series currently in the works…

A series of four books about two young teen boys and their wild adventures—from escaping a raging storm in British Colombia while running from poachers, following clues left in a New Hampshire cabin attic that unravel a Civil War mystery, transporting themselves back to the 1880s in Bodie, California during gold rush fever and solving the mystery of Tahquitz Canyon in California near Palm Springs.  

Tahquitz Canyon pictured above.

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