Book Launch Coming April 2nd

After nearly three years of research, travel and interviews, Finding Common Ground is set for launch on April 2nd. Many of you have been a part of this journey. Your encouragement to finish what was started is priceless. 

The book chronicles a journey across America in search of answers to our very divided and sometimes hopelessly lost country. Surprisingly, I found many threads of commonality in unlikely places. And I’m happy to say Americans everywhere are on the move to heal our nation. 

I was blessed to collaborate with an amazing writer and now a good friend. Robynne Elizabeth Miller breathed life into every word and brilliantly tied the manuscript together. 

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People across the United States feel a deep frustration with the division and discourse within our borders.  While we recognize solutions may not come about as a simple fix, no one seems ready to settle for the status quo.  Finding Common Ground chronicles my journey across the country in search of practical solutions we can employ to bring our fractured country back together.  

     I posed one question to strangers (and a few family members and friends) along my journey: “What one or two ideas would you suggest that might bring our divided country together for the common good?”  The responses I received were as diverse as the people who make up this nation—from smelling more flowers, because how many angry people do you see smelling flowers? to block parties, cookouts, and a Christian revival.  After 4,000 miles, 24 states, and more than 400 interviews, I can say with certainty what binds us together is stronger than what can tear us apart.  People are ready to reach across our differences and join together in the effort toward healing.

     It is my prayer that Finding Common Ground will aid in creating an inclusive environment where people of every race, faith, ethnicity, and gender might find their own path—or piggyback onto something already in place—toward healing our nation for the common good.   

     Over the upcoming months, I’ll include several chapters from the Finding Common Ground to spur all of us into identifying innovative ways we can all participate in the process of moving our country forward.  I welcome any and all ideas that may encourage others to join the effort.